What It’s All About

Whether you’re looking to win cases or clients, find funds or jobs, or earn the trust of patients or fans; you understand the power of your audience.

They determine your success.

Therefore, you want them to trust you and your business because people hire and buy from whom they trust.

And stories can help build that trust.

Stories have the power to elicit powerful emphatic responses by triggering the release of Oxytocin, the trust hormone – which, when released in the brain of your audience, can help build confidence in what you have to say and offer.

We don’t say this; science does. (Those interested can read the research by neuroeconomics pioneer, Paul Zak.)

Given this, we train you in developing a narrative approach to personal and business growth and communication.

Not just that, we also work with businesses to create and execute experiential, story-focused branding events.

Because this is what our Founder and CEO, Sharmeen Akbani Gangat, has been doing, i.e.:

Finding, developing, and telling stories as a video and radio producer in New York City.

Learning HOW to find, develop, and tell stories as part of her film, writing, and literature education from places like New York University and Columbia University.


Applying ALL of this to her personal and professional life.

In fact, it was her storytelling skills that landed her her first project, after completing her filmmaking education from New York University – and that, too, through a cold call.

Yes, a cold call: to the Head of TV Production, Enrique Yeves, at the United Nations in New York!

From her work on the launch marketing strategy of Google Audio to watching Broadway shows from the front rows by paying just $25 for $1000 seats, Sharmeen excels at interactive storytelling for persuasion and negotiation – both in professional and personal situations.

Don’t forget to ask her how she negotiated a month-to-month lease without paying a dime extra for her apartment in New York in one of the top neighborhoods of the city, if and when you meet with her.

She has enough stories to share. And can also show you how you, too, can engage your audience and get them to take action.

Besides managing Glocul, she is the Vice President of Branding at the Columbia University Club of South Texas.

Her individual clients range from partners at law and CPA firms to CEOs at multinationals and hospitals.  And in the retail space, she works with several top notch home decor brands, fashion designers, ice cream and coffee chains…you name it!