This Strategy Has Got Me Clients by the Dozen

Who is that one person you absolutely don’t want to deal with, besides your partner’s ex or your ex’s current partner?:-)

Your competitor???

Think again.

They are not necessarily the demons you feared in your childhood dreams or the monsters from under your bed.

Actually, they can be your stepping stone to credibility.

But how, you ask?

Before I explain that, let me share this.

Sometime back, I received an email from a potential client who wanted me to help him pitch his screenplay to Hollywood studios.

But, I thought one of my friends, who some might call my competitor, had way more experience than me dealing with Hollywood executives since she was one of them in her previous life.

Hence, I thought I should refer this client to her.

Odd, you might think.

Well…not really.

It was about credibility.

If I think I will not be able to provide the best service to my clients, I don’t deserve their money.

My clients know this.

Sure, it costs me a couple thousand dollars in the short-term, but it earns me long-term clients and lasting credibility.

And to my competitors, it sends out a signal of understated confidence and authenticity.

I have been doing this for years, and this strategy alone has earned me so much goodwill with my clients that they never say no to anything I pitch them. Pricing also is never an issue.

I know it is hard to let go of the clients you work so hard to attract, but nothing – and absolutely nothing – is worth more than the trust of your clients.

It is OK to feel pangs of insecurity around your competitors, but you should know your worth.

And make sure they know it too. Both your clients and competitors.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to let go than to hold on.

Ofcourse, it is difficult to decide what to let go, how, and why.

But, the answer lies within you. You are the best judge of your capability. And the guardian of your credibility.

It’s in your hands. Flip it or rip it!

Either way, choice is yours.

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