How Does It Work

Public Workshops and Webinars: Every year, we host several public workshops and webinars – mostly, in collaboration with our corporate partners across the world: from North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Our subscribers learn about these before anyone else – and they get special privileges!

Corporate Training : We work closely with our corporate clients to determine the needs of the staff and design a customized program that meets those needs. From luncheon talks to comprehensive multi-week programs, from one-on-one coaching to executive consultations, we have the desired flexibility to provide our clients what they are specifically looking for.

Consulting and Coaching : We also work with entrepreneurs and marketing teams looking to develop and execute experiential, story-focused marketing ideas and events for their clients and customers. We also offer the continuing professional education option to those interested in mastering the craft of storytelling for email, content, and social media marketing.